Maya zvezdochka dress

First off I have to say I had the most amazing day on Saturday. I was helping celebrate 150 years of John Lewis with Lisa Comfort and some awesome sewing bloggers. It’s going to take a whole post, possibly two, to do it justice! That’ll be my next post.

But today we took a little walk near the river. There is a lovely garden nearby where I forced sweet talked my other half into taking photos of my new dress.

almond rock mccalls 6833 denim star print dress

This is McCall’s 6833 which is a sort of bustier bodice and I added a gathered skirt instead of a pleated one. Again, this is a dress barely anyone seems to have made! Not sure why. I think it’s super cute.

almond rock mccalls 6833 denim star print dress

almond rock mccalls 6833 denim star print dress

I used a star print stretch denim from Remnant House in a nice indigo blue. They also have it in black. It’s very stretchy and quite thin. My original plan was to make jeans but they would have turned out more like jeggings and I’m not down with that.

almond rock mccalls 6833 denim star print dress

It was so stretchy in fact I could omit the zip!

The dress came together okay. There’s a bit of faffing aligning the darts of the bust cups with the darts of the bodice. Plus it’s pretty low cut so I have to be careful not to lean over too far.

I really like it with the gathered skirt though and the fabric’s stretchy-ness keeps the bodice fitted enough to make me feel like I have a teeny amount of va va voom. I know I’m such a dork.

almond rock mccalls 6833 denim star print dress

So there you have it! What do you think of my dress? Did you know about this cute little pattern?

The dress was happily a wearable muslin for another dress which I’ll be sharing soon. So much to post about, I can’t wait!


  • gingermakes

    This is so cute on you! I love it! I almost never use Big 4 patterns because there’s nowhere in the city to buy them, and they’re more expensive when you have them shipped. But there are some real gems that are overlooked in their collections! I hope you make another one of these- it’s way sweet!

    • almondrock

      Is that right? How odd no one is stocking them? I guess I thought mood would have a pattern section or something. I suppose I have the issue of not having a nearby stockists for indie patterns. I have to go to London or shop online.

      • gingermakes

        Mood has a very small, super picked-over selection of patterns that never seems to get restocked, and you don’t really see them in other stores. I think it’s because the Garment District is mainly used by industry professionals and fashion students, and they’re drafting their own patterns. But at least I have lots of fabric options! 🙂

  • Charlotte Witherspoon

    Oh, I have this exact pattern and it’s coming up soon in the queue (the Emery and a few Hazels sit before it)! My mom bought it for me, oddly, and I’ve been on the hunt for a good fabric and a solid FBA method for the bustier bodice.

    It looks great on you and fits like a charm. You did an excellent job. I join you in the va-va-voom dorkery—I bumped the pattern up because I thought it would add some much needed oomph to my wardrobe of below-the-knee boatneck dresses.

    • almondrock

      Brilliant to hear. I’ve used cotton sateen on my second version, so two fabrics with stretch but I love that there are instructions for lace in there. I love the va va voom-ness of it. My boyfriend says it needs to be a date night dress 😉

    • almondrock

      Thank you! I really struggle to get hold of indie patterns without paying loads of postage so generally lean towards the big 4

  • ooobop!

    So cute. So you. And no, I haven’t seen this pattern around before. But then I’ve not been able to trawl the net as much as I’d like to, lately! x

    • almondrock

      It’s tricky to stay on top of all the big 4 patterns. There are usually a few gems hidden away and I totally recommend this little one 🙂

  • Jodie

    This pattern is so cute! And it came with a pleated skirt?? Be still my beating heart! So cute and flattering on you. Your style rocks.

    • almondrock

      Thank you! Aaaand there’s a pencil skirt option too! Plus a more demure bodice version! Totally recommend this one.

    • almondrock

      Oh thank you. I’m glad you agree about the jeans. I think this is what it was meant to be turned into 🙂

  • lisa g

    this turned out great! while i definitely have some issues with big 4 patterns, i think they deserve a little more credit. this one is a gem and i so look forward to making it! i traced it off just yesterday. love all the variations included too.

    • almondrock

      Thanks, that’s so nice coming from you Erin! Hehe plus it’s probably all that time I spent in the early days making horrible ugly things. I think I’m finally getting better.

  • BusyLizzie

    Super cute – I agree the big 4 definitely have some great patterns, normally you have to overlook the styling and go to the line drawings to see it, but they are there!
    I think this would be too va-va-voom for me! Could be dangerous!!

  • Alice

    Ah I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose other half doesn’t just volunteer to take photos of your new makes in nice outdoor places… Last weekend I had to “trick” my husband into taking some pictures of my new skirt 🙂
    I love your dress – it’s very cute and suits you very well!

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