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Winter sewing plans

Everyone knows how lame English weather is. Sometimes it feels like we jump straight from Summer to Winter.

But something that is different this year is that I’m embracing sewing a Winter wardrobe! I pretended Winter wasn’t happening last year by sewing sundresses but I can’t kid myself much longer.

I’ve got some quite ambitious plans.ย Here are the first few concrete ideas I have.

I hope you’re not too cold wherever you are.

And if you are I hope you’re whipping up something lovely to keep you warm whether it’s a blanket, a scarf, an outfit or a coat.

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  1. love the gingham dress too! and you can never have enough scarfs!

    1. Your bombshell dress looks amazing but not the warmest. Maybe you need a bombshell scarf to wear with it to keep your… errr “assets”, toasty too!

      1. hahahahaha! love it! Actually If i got my hands on some fleece lining, the scrap fabric could make a nice scarf! Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Great plans. I’m also jumped to winter sewing

    1. You’re sewing up a storm at the minute! Awesome productivity.

  3. The first dress is lovely. As you know Amy I don’t sew, tried but failed, I can’t even seem to mend a hem on my trousers properly. But my mum is good and she is making me a cape for this winter ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait. It has pink lining!

    1. Oooh cape! I keep wondering if I’m a cape kind of gal. You definitely are. Can’t wait to see a pic on your blog!
      PS. your book binding was super cute!

  4. Great plan, I love red wool too!

    1. Thanks! There’s something so snuggly AND foxy about red wool

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