Vintage shirt dress number 3

I can’t help myself with this pattern, plus I have so many more versions planned!


In case it wasn’t obvious, this is the Vintage Shirtdress from Sew Over It aka the Ultimate Shirtdress in my mind. I wanted to try the pattern in viscose this time and felt I knew enough about the pattern to make it work.


This poly viscose is from possibly the man outside Sainsburys… well it’s definitely from Walthamstow market following a very successful shopping trip with a Emmie, Roisin and Lauren. He just wasn’t quite behind sainsbury’s so who knows!? I thought this print was very Hobbs like or maybe Whistles? Nothing proven but it’s fun to dream and I know TMBS often gets end rolls from the high street.


To keep the viscose from slipping all around I spritzed the uncut fabric with spray starch which was a big help during sewing but hasn’t washed out fully so the fabric is still a little stiffer than I like. These shell buttons were from my stash and I have absolutely no clue when from!


The pattern sizing hasn’t changed from versions 1 and 2 so I’m not sure I have much else to say. I hope you forgive me for being brief!

On a plus I think I’m finally getting to grips with my camera settings! I took a few pictures of Chewie Cat and love how they turned out. These were shot on my X30 Fujifilm. It’s a bridge camera so I have the option to adjust my settings or let the camera decide. It’s great for when I’m in front of the camera as it does the hard work but then I get to play when the camera is back in my hands!


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  1. It looks great. I love the way the skirt falls in a drapey fabric. Lovely photo of Chewie too.

  2. Cute! I have so much love for this pattern. I also just made one up in viscose (#3, sleeved version) and it seems to be longer and wider in the waist maybe due to the drapier fabric? Contemplating taking it apart, even though I’ve done the buttonholes and hemmed, but it’s black stitching on black rayon, so I’ve had 2 weeks procastination about it…….I want to wear it next week though, so I might have to decide one way or the other this weekend!

  3. Oh, this is so swishy and summery! You look fabulous in it, as does Chewie in your photo!

  4. Such a lovely summery dress Amy!

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  5. So so pretty! The man outside sainsbos must be doing a roaring trade at the mo. Every time I ask a blogger/ friend where the fabrics from… It’s from him! Lovely photos and lovely modelling by Chewie too! X

  6. Love your shirtdress!!! I really need to get this pattern in my collection one of these days…

    Also infinitely envious of your “man outside Sainsbury’s” fabric source. I read/hear about this man all the time on the blogosphere. Here I am stuck in rural Manitoba with no choice but to order online (eeek! exchange rate/shipping/now looming postal strike misery) or make do with the local offerings that are generally depressing and sad. I think I need to move. 😉

  7. Lynsey says:

    This dress is gorgeous and so summery, I have been looking at this dress for a while as it has a notched collar and think the instructions might be easier the a big 4 pattern. Lovely to see it in viscose, the drape is lovely. I want to see TMOS it’s a long round trip though, maybe one day 🙂

    1. Just a quick note – what we old-timers call the Army Medical Museum is now a very modern National Museum of Health and Medicine. I remember the old one on the grounds of the Smithsonian. It was dark and scary looking, and the displays were much more macabre than the current cleaned up ones! I liked the old one better.

  8. Love the cat picture! And the dress is great too – summery and classy don’t always go together but you’ve pulled them both off.

  9. Beautiful. Good idea about the spray starch- i have just bought some for the same purpose.

  10. Lovely dress, and I selfishly find it perfect for the week-end that was in it (Canada Day!)

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