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    Hello again
    My blog posting might be erratic lately but I’m enjoying sharing all my backlog of makes. Feels like I’m airing them out on the washing line.

    almond rock scuba skater dress

    So today I’ve got proof that I jumped on the scuba-wagon. I have no idea what a scuba-wagon might look like but now I’m thinking of scuba dragons so that’s fun.


    I picked up this gorgeous rose embossed scuba on a Walthamstow trip with Katie. (She bought this lush marbled print scuba). It was £6 a metre which I thought was reasonable given its prettiness and weight. Plus it was nice and wide so I got 1.5 metres.

    almond rock scuba skater dress

    So in classic form this is the dixie diy dress bodice. I opted for long sleeves like my horse dress and a circle skirt like my Jungle January dress.

    Here’s a pro tip… If you want to topstitch embossed scuba with a twin need;e you’re probably going to have to leave perfectionism at the door. No matter how slowly you go, both needles wants to bobble off course into one of the grooves of the pattern. The scary bit is if the two needles want to go separate directions!

    almond rock scuba skater dress

    I think it looks okay though so I’m not worrying about it. The rose design makes me swoon and the scuba gives the dress a more formal structure which I really like.

    It is REALLY warm inside here though,

    almond rock scuba skater dress

    Maybe it’s time for some science?  Are you sitting at home thinking what the flip is the difference between scuba and neoprene?

    • Scuba is a type of double knit made from polyester and spandex, with a very fine gauge thread, and smooth texture. It’s what you’ll have seen clothes in magazines and the high street made of, and it’s extremely likely that if you’ve bought “neoprene” from the fabric shop you’ve actually bought scuba.
    • Neoprene is a synthetic rubber and fabric hybrid which is more durable, more flexible and a better insulator, hence being primarily used for wetsuits. Essentially it’s a thin knit fabric sealed onto spongy foamed neoprene.

    I feel happy to say this confidently because I have friends in the adventure sports industry who have discussed this with me as we’ve talked about their kits and the variations of “quality” neoprene.

    But if you have heard differently please let us know.

    almond rock scuba skater dressSo there you have it! Scuba-licious.