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    G and Tea (and Dress) Time

    Are you a gin lover?
    I know it’s not for everyone.
    To me, Gin is sweet fragrant nectar and my tipple of choice.

    And thankfully the people in my life know this; so at Christmas I was gifted a Gin-tasting masterclass with afternoon tea included.


    Last weekend, my fair gent and I packed ourselves off on the train and visited the Lady Anne Middleton Hotel in York for our G and Teatime class.

    We started with a warm gin punch made using gin, berry tea, sugar and hot water. It was divine.

    photo 3

    Then we tasted 5 gins – Beefeater, cucumber infused Gordons, Spanish Citrus Larios, Brokers with our own choice of unusual garnish (I tried mint and fresh grapefruit – delicious) and Pink 47 (a highly alcoholic variation). We also learnt classic techniques for dry, wet and dirty gin Martinis.

    The afternoon tea consisted of delicious sandwiches with chutneys, plus scones with jam and clotted cream, sticky date cake and tangy lemon posset… This is making me hungry just talking about it again.

    Our presenter shared hilarious and fascinating facts about the history of gin and the production of gin. Did you know that there was a time when most people were paid their salary in gin because it was what they were going to spend their wages on anyway?! Hmmm Interesting.

    All this was shared in the beautiful historic surroundings of York

    lady annesAfterwards we took a lovely stroll by the river where I made Mr AR take some photos of my latest dress. It’s nothing special but I’m rather happy with it.

    I used a heart print polyester from Leeds Market in a lovely violet/cerise colour and Simplicity 2444 since I can’t seem to escape that pattern’s clutches.

    Polyester adds a nice touch to this pattern. It makes it far more relaxed and kind of stream-lined in my opinion.

    photo 4-5 photo 1-10

    We would have had photos taken in the pretty courtyard at the hotel but a wedding party was just arriving and I dare not interfere with a Bride’s big day. Eek!

    So that was last weekend. This weekend I’m in London, partying with a fabulous Birthday girl and relaxing with some of my delightful family, plus squeezing in a bit of fabric shopping and gossip with lovely sewing ladies. More on that to come!

    Happy weekends to all!

    photo 4-7_edited-1