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    Summer Blouse, Makes Me Feel Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine

    Oh July – she’s a fickle beast. One minute she’s pouring you with rain and the next it is sunstroke inducing warmth.

    almond rock tilly turquoise polyester mathilde blouse

    So for my July Minerva make I thought I better sew something that looks nice and summery but could easily work for those chillier days too.

    I used the Mathilde blouse pattern from Tilly and The Buttons. It’s a cute pleated front blouse with button up back. My first version of this blouse (in a polka dot polyester) has never been blogged but cropped up during Me Made May (the polka dot week!) a few years ago.

    It was too tight across the front yoke and it eventually ripped at the underarms, probably because I like to talk with my hands and use wild gestures all the time.

    almond rock tilly turquoise polyester mathilde blouse

    The original pattern comes with banded puff sleeves but they don’t really suit me so I swapped these out for straight sleeves. I did this on the first version too. I used the sleeve piece from New Look 6000 which I’ve never actually made because I’m not a shift dress kind of girl.

    This bright polyester fabric in turquoise and cream was a great match for the pattern. It’s not like horrible static-creating polyester; it’s quite soft and light. It holds the pleats really well but also skims over your body in a flattering way. And I was sent perfectly matching thread which makes me happy as well.

    almond rock tilly turquoise polyester mathilde blouse

    There wasn’t much fraying to contend with but I French seamed the blouse for neatness and overlocked the armholes once I’d set in the sleeves.

    Take a look at that back!

    almond rock tilly turquoise polyester mathilde blouse

    I really had a hankering for some gold metallic buttons after seeing them all over the high street lately. Gold and turquoise just seemed the perfect mix.

    I used seven buttons in total but together they don’t drag the back of the blouse down as they are very light.

    almond rock tilly turquoise polyester mathilde blouse

    I can really see myself wearing this all year round as it would be easy to layer and it appeals to my need to dress colourfully even when faced with dreary weather.

    Or weather like today where the sun kept disappearing behind massive clouds making my photos look like they’ve been taken on different days.

    But hey, no don’t notice that… Look at my shoes! They match my top! Phew, glad I distracted you.

  • Other stuff

    Top 5s of 2013! The misses

    Oh dear time to reflect on things that didn’t quite go to plan.


    1. Jersey ballet dresses.
    I had three attempts at making the Dixie DIY ballet dress and I finally accept it just isn’t the style for me. It’s the waist seam I think, as it appears more obvious in jersey than other fabrics. I just love a horse-print version I made so hope it might be saved if I make it empire line. Then I’ll be able to share it with you all.

    2. Unlined garments

    2013-08-28 21.15.30_edited-1

    My electric purple belladone dress was made from a gorgeous Robert Kaufman chambray. And I made my belladone skirt out of a wonderful crazy colourful quilting cotton. BUT I didn’t line either of these garments and there was my mistake. They stick to my tights even when I wear my (acceptably rubbish) half slip so I don’t wear them unless I can go bare-legged. From here onwards LINING ALL THE TIME!

    3.  Mathilde Blouse

    Mathilde Blouse

    Too tight around the upper bust from the start and it shrank in the wash. Rubbish! Not sure there is much more to say.

    4. Morse Code Sorbetto

    2013-05-10 19.40.10

    I never wear this. Seriously. It is not the one for me. I like the contrast bias binding and the fabric and I’ve had lovely compliments on the top but it’s just far too boxy. I didn’t even write a proper blog post about it as I was so out of love with it.

    5. The Ball Gown that wasn’t

    I won’t rehash old ground. Safe to say I’m still a little mad at my ball gown woes but life must go on! There is always next year’s ball to cook something up for.

    I love reading everyone’s round ups. There’s solidarity in sharing the misses as well as the hits.

    Plus everyone is really a learning experience… I’ve figured out what patterns don’t suit me, that I can’t live without linings and to accept that big plans don’t come off every time.

    Here is to next year, which will probably contain a few more misses but I don’t mind that.