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    Sewing Essentials For a Professional Finish

    Yesterday I had the day off work to brush up on the fundamentals of sewing.

    When I started sewing I took a course of 10 evening classes that were a basic introduction to reading a commercial pattern and I failed to have a finished dress by the end of the course because everything was very slow paced. After that I’ve learnt everything else at home ¬†powered by my own curiosity and wish to become a better sewist.

    Books, online tutorials and you tube video guides are all really helpful but sometimes you just want to talk to a person and say why am I finding this so hard, please help me.


    I went to a class from by The Yorkshire School of Sewing, run by the lovely Gillian Hargreaves and held at Fine Fabrics of Harrogate (temptation or what!?).

    Together we worked to perfect the basics, learn new tricks and think about different ways of performing tasks to see which suits you best.

    We worked on so so so many things, which is why the session lasted from 10am until 4:30pm.

    This is one of the many courses on offer. Some of you may remember I went on the Chanel Jacket Course a few months ago.

    Here’s a brief overview of our day:

    Different types of seams Рtop-stitched and flat-felled, hairline and french seams.

    Different hem finishes – various styles of blind hems, baby hems and using ribbon and lace on hems.


    Different types of zip – lapped and invisible.

    Piping, facings, darts and sewing around odd angles such as square necklines.


    Finally we talked about set in sleeve insertion and techniques for getting that perfect smooth finish.

    I came away with plenty of samples to remind myself of the techniques I’d been practicing.


    I also came away with a template for a tailor’s ham, or in my case, a tailor’s aubergine! (Vegetarian equivalent)

    I bought myself some sawdust (don’t you love that smell) and sewed it up so quick. Thought I might have made a teensy bit of a mess!

    When was the last time you took a sewing class? Are you regularly fine tuning your skills outside of projects?