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    For the record I am not, and never will be, a Scrappy-Do fan.

    He may have been the thing that killed the cartoon in the hearts of children all around the world.

    In fact I’m not sure I know anyone who actually liked that annoying pup.

    But the alliteration was calling to me.


    I love pinning and will continue to do so but I really want to use Pinterest to drive action and results in my creativity rather than just being a mood board.

    Last year I made few things from my pinterest boards.

    elsie pinpumpkin pinink blot pin

    Souces: dress via A Beautiful Mess; cookie cutter pumpkin tutorial; tote made with ink blot tutorial

    This year I want to aim for at least TEN makes from pins but would love to do TWELVE. A bit like the Pinterest Challenge (which seems to have gone a bit quiet lately).

    So how are you going to do this Amy?

    The “Don’t Just Pin In!” Challenge

    I’m not going to allocate each month a pin but instead go with the flow.

    I mentioned my desire to conquer blouses in this post so I made a pinterest board for my blouse inspiration.

    I  also want to action anything I’ve pinned that incorporates scallops into my clothes! And definitely in collaboration with the above point.

    Recipes are encouraged as it will develop my cooking skills. Ideally I’d like to make more savoury food than baking but I am obsessed with sweet treats so let’s see.

    And finally anything home or DIY related would be great to include.

    My first pin turned to reality for 2013?

    karahi pin

    Fish Karahi – Fish cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and ginger to create a rich authentic taste.

    I made this the second week of January by sort of following the recipe here and what I remembered of an amazing meal at from Akbars restaurant.

    What next?

    There are already some front runners for this year:

    pinata cookie pinThis is likely to be the next make. Piñata Cookies for Mr AR’s Birthday.

    blouse pinAfter that, this blouse by Charlotte Azou has been paper drafted using a similar pattern and I’m currently refining the collar.

    topshop pinAlso lined up is this polka dot Topshop dress. I have fabric and a pattern ready!

    fabric paint pin

    Next, if I manage to overcome my previous fabric stamping fails I’ll be making a horse print dress just like this.

    quilt pin

    And if we move to a new house this year I’ll definitely be making a triangle quilt.

    I want this exact style but with slightly different colours.

    So do you use Pinterest for making mood boards? Or do you actually turn these pins into tangible real life makes?

    I’m taking the Don’t Just Pin It challenge this year. Anyone want to join me?


    **And yes I know I have one too many full points in my ellipsis but it took me sooo long to make the graphic and the button while poorly that when I spotted it I didn’t have the heart to amend it, even though the professional editor in me is very disappointed in my sloppiness**