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Red and White and spotty all over – Sew Red October

Happy Sunday everyone!


What a great weekend. I started by visiting my brother in Manchester Friday night and going to a speciality pie and ale place. Saturday was spent sewing and then having dinner at Jamie’s Italian (oh my god I love pumpkin cannelloni). And finally today, the Mr and I went out for brunch, went for a walk to take some photos and had a gorgeous salmon dinner that I made and didn’t ruin! Basically I’m smiley and full of food.

Now, let’s talk about Sew Red October!

The Sewcialists were chatting on twitter (as you would expect) and came up with a monthly sewing colours challenge for themselves and I thought I’d try to sew-along. Usually agreeing to do something like this means it’s nailed on I’ll miss it, but I snuck in with a few days to spare.

Probably because I wasn’t trying to make anything too complicated!


This is Butterick 5644 which has a cross over front, double waist darts and pleating at the shoulders.



I used a red and white polka dot crepe de chine from Birmingham rag market. Winnie used the same fabric for her New Look 6000! Then I finished the insides with white bias tape and white overlocking (I’m a slave to a colour scheme).

This was pretty simple to make and I’m not saying it’s the most flattering thing I own but I like the pleats and double darts which pretty much only I can see. Plus polka dots make me smile and I know I’ll reach for it when I’m getting dressed. Especially since I now have another top to pair with my favourite red shoes and red satchel!

Check out more Sew Red October makes by checking out the hashtag #sewredoctober! And if you are a speedy sewist maybe you still have time join in.


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