Denim Belladone

Today I have a lot of topstitching to show you. Some good… some bad.

I’ve been holding off posting this dress because I’m really unhappy with the quality of the pictures. I think the focus isn’t working properly and the white balance seems off. If anyone has any good suggestions for replacements please let me know in the comments.

almond rock denim belladone minerva crafts

But first some key details! This is my Minerva Blogger Network make for July. I originally planned a denim Kwik Sew 3830 but this denim was a bit too heavyweight for that. So I thought how about a Jolie Marie Louise Léa dress or a Deer and Doe Belladone? Belladone won out as you can see.

almond rock denim belladone minerva crafts

The denim is a black blue visible weave 7.5 oz denim. It would be good for structured dresses, mini skirts, and jackets. I wouldn’t recommend it for trousers as its pretty crisp – but Katie seems to have nailed it so I could be wrong. There is only a teeny amount of stretch. It has a undefinable smell to it too. I can’t quite compare it to anything other than to say it smells really denimy – yes I have lost my mind from sniffing too much denim.

The Belladone seemed like a good match because the cool open back feature needs stability. Plus I played with topstitching on my original belladone and had a hoot.

almond rock denim belladone minerva crafts

I used a denim needle and blue polyester thread throughout the main construction. My topstitch was done with gutermann topstitch weight thread in an orangey code #362. I took my stitch length up to 4mm and most of the time used my stitch in the ditch foot as a substitute topstitching foot.

almond rock denim belladone minerva crafts

So if you’re not familiar with this dress its selling point is a diamond cutout back but it also has yoked pockets, and flattering A-line skirt and I easily converted this to a v neck at the front. I used bias for the arm and neck holes but there is a facing for the hem which you can see let me have a nice deep topstitched hemline. It does make the skirt hem a little undesirably stiff though.

almond rock denim belladone minerva crafts

A word of warning for fans of tights: It doesn’t have any provision for lining. It doesn’t even face the waistband. I used the denim for a waistband facing but this was very thick so I do regret it.

Ahhh the neckline and armholes topstitching. They came out so dodgy! This was because without my special foot I had to rely on following a chalk line and that wasn’t working for me. This is the best of three attempts.

I’m still really happy with dress because it looks pretty smart, the skirt looks great and it reminds me of a Michelle Williams dress I have had pinned on Pinterest for a very long time. Triple win!!

almond rock denim belladone minerva crafts


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