Dearest Doris, Sew Over It

Happy weekend everyone! The air is crisp and bright and there are thousands of orange leaves in my part of the world today. It feels really Autumnal outside so I’m snuggled in my sewing room, working on a few new things with a big mug of earl grey and some ginger biscuits!

Almond rock doris sew over it

And of course I have a new dress to share! When I first saw the Doris dress I thought she was a beautiful pattern but confess I was worried about whether it would suit me. I have a little pot belly which I thought would be highlighted by the panelled skirt and viscose fabric.

Almond rock doris sew over it

After finally talking myself into buying the PDF pattern, I then stitched it together digitally and used the a0 printer at work. I picked a busy and cheap fabric from my stash and hoped for the best.

This is halfway between the knee and longer length view which should be below my knee but I generally find the SOI patterns run short. There’s a button closure and side zip fastening and here I made a few changes.

Almond rock doris sew over it

Firstly I just sewed my Cath Kidston buttons on through all the layers… I don’t need the buttonholes to get it on.

Secondly I moved the ties so they extend from the side seams instead of the back. This is more visually pleasing to me but required some reordering of the construction steps to get the zipper to still work. I switched to a regular zipper to allow the tie to sit free.

Almond rock doris sew over it

It has excellent swishability and the silhouette the dress gives me is very nice. I think the print is busy enough to hide my tum, and as I keep losing weight that should improve the amount of hugging at the waist.

I made this dress while binge-watching Party Of Five and it feels unintentially 1990s. Very Jennifer Love Hewitt… who was actually my teenage years girl crush so that worked out nicely. Oh go on then. One more swish.

Almond rock doris sew over it

I’m not sure if I’ll make another but I’m pretty happy with this version. Have you tried Doris? Please link to your version in the comments as I’d love to be convinced into making Doris again.

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  1. Swirlyicing says:

    Looking lovely, pot belly and all. He he! X

  2. I haven’t tried this pattern, but your version is fab. Loving the swishy skirt!

  3. Hi Amy, I love your Doris! Perfect fabric + buttons combo. I made mine at the start of the summer, which I was really pleased with even though it’s a little short 🙂 https://makingandmarking.com/2017/06/01/the-doris-dress/

  4. Tanya says:

    Loving your version – it definitely suits you! I have made the Doris dress twice the short (viscose) and long lengths (Liberty cotton lawn) and I absolutely love it!!! I altered it to have a front button closing (used the tutorial from the Sewaholic Cambie dress) and it’s my got to TNT dress!! One thing though- be mindful of wearing this dress when it is very windy – I have had a couple of ‘Marilyn Monroe’ moments- haha!!

  5. It looks stunning! Very flattering, I love the red buttons on the fabric.

  6. Definitely make more! This one really suits you.

  7. fun – 90s in a good way ;o)

  8. Rachael says:

    I’ve just bought the pdf pattern and yours fits so well that I’d like to ask your opinion on the pattern’s sizing. Is it accurate, in your opinion? According to the chart, I’m smack bang in between a 10 and a 12, but I don’t know which way I should go. I’m making a practice version, but I’m not keen on spending hours making it, only to find it’s completely wrong and having to start another one…

    1. almondrock says:

      Hello! I think it’s pretty good sizing. I am about a 10/12 in their sizing and am 36A:31:42

      1. Rachael says:

        Thanks 🙂

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