That’s Sew George

Ah puns. I’m a big fan but I know they’re not for everyone.

So here’s a dress to help you forget about any lingering pun rage!

almond rock #thatssewgeorge hare print sundress asda

Hares looking quizzical and fat and ready for action? Guaranteed to cheer you up.

Now take a look at this… It’s a duvet dress!

almond rock #thatssewgeorge hare print sundress asda

This fun hare-print duvet set was sent to me by George at Asda to prove bedding isn’t just for beds. Or just for cats.

almond rock #thatssewgeorge hare print sundress asda

I wanted a pattern that would preserve as many of the hares as possible.
I chose the Butterick 5351 bodice with the band removed which I used in the Sew Dolly Clackett challenge and the Butterick 6167 skirt from my recent Gertie dress.

almond rock #thatssewgeorge hare print sundress asda

The fabric is ever so slightly sheer so the dress is fully lined with sage green anti-static lining. I also added a really nice deep hem since there was enough fabric from the double duvet! The deep hem with the slightly crisp polycotton makes the skirt hang really well.

almond rock #thatssewgeorge hare print sundress asda

It’s a really fun dress to wear, especially with the big swooshy skirt. And I wonder if anyone does a double take when they see me?

almond rock #thatssewgeorge hare print sundress asda

So there you have it. Would you sew with a duvet?

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    1. Thank you! I wasn’t quite sure if the cat would attempt to catch the hares but it’s gone down quite well!

  1. I have a duvet dress (which I love). Had a bit of a giggle when someone said “that print is JUST like my duvet cover”. Erm, yes, it actually is! Your duvet dress and indeed your duvet look lovely. I love the hares and the pattern you chose to show them off!

  2. I am currently sewing a Belcarra with a Sainsburys duvet cover. It was reduced to £7 and is 100% cotton sateen. Bought for muslins really but love the print, would have it on the bed if they did king size and pretend I’m a chameleon.

  3. What a cute dress. It looks very good on you.

    I used to take home vintage duvets from where I worked to sew with them. They were always nice and soft from all the washing, and came in really cute flower prints.

  4. I have often used 100% cotton sheets for lining, but I have never made a dress from one. I’m a bit like Joanne, in that I prefer to sew with 100% cotton to poly but this is certainly very tempting. And I have quite a few lovely bedlinen sets from George that I know are nice quality too!

    1. I definitely hear you! I think a nice lining helps me forget it’s that bit stiffer. That and the cute print!

    1. I think that’s it! A lot of the prints are quite large scale on bedding. These hares are pretty big really!

  5. Heeheehee! This is adorable! I made a dress out of some ridiculous old Jurassic Park sheets and a pair of PJ bottoms for the fella out of Star Wars sheets, but the latter is pretty stiff and not very nice quality. But when my sheets need replacing, I save the old ones and chop them up into muslins. 🙂

  6. Like the above comments, I too have made many shirts and blouses out of duvet covers, valances and sheets. Depending on the colour and print, those I am not particularly fond of for garments become toiles. Charity shops are great for cheap fabric to use as toiles.

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