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  1. ………I’m dangling a watch on a chain in front of you. Pack up the fabric……pack it up and send it to little me………..are you watching the watch? Keep focusing on my words!

  2. Absolutely lovely. I also collect inspiration on Pinterest but have yet to put it into action. Well done on realizing your inspiration. Its really lovely πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! No darts. I just limited the ease in the top so it wouldn’t be too blouson-y and used strong elastic to cinch in the waist. Now I just need a bike to pose with πŸ™‚

  3. I am so jealous of your car boot h
    aul! lovely dress πŸ™‚ it’s great to read a Leeds Leeds Leeds sewing blog as I’m Leeds too! I too am utterly obsessed with sewing. see you down the pound a metre stall in the market some day!

  4. I think i have the same closet- I keep thinking- ‘make tops, no more dresses’ but when I dig for the perfect summer dress to prance in- it’s still in pattern form?!

  5. I have the opposite – too many dresses, not enough tops! But I have a very similar UFO problem πŸ™‚ Hope you find the organisation you’re looking for.

  6. I really admire people who can sew with a plan , I sew to relax and have creative fun, so it’s annoying that it helps to be organised and, like, plan stuff πŸ™‚ like Cigal I love that green dress go for it! may be you should not let yourself buy new fabric until you’ve finished yr ufos ? crazy talk!

  7. Good points ladies. I wish I could stop buying fabric but there’s always lining to buy and then while you’re there looking at lining you get distracted by new fabric!

    *Someone’s* blog mentioned on Tuesday’s she always returns to work on any UFOs in her stash. Only Tuesdays, to allow the UFOs to sneak a little bit of progress along but leaving the rest of the time for the exciting new projects she loves.
    Seems like a good idea! Just wish I could remember which of the blogs I read it was!

  8. This all very good. I saw this because if I told you it was odd, it would make me odd too. Then maybe my Singer 160, Clementine would be embarrassed by me and not want me to sing to the dressform, twiggy in front other anymore. Love the dress, very Sandra Dee!

  9. ha ha! Sergei the serger. so much win in this post! I have no time to see this month- none! and that will drive me much crazier than sewing! enjoy turning all the yummy fabric into pretty dresses! love the fake lace fabric πŸ™‚

  10. hehe Love the replacing-lyrics-to-be-about sewing thing πŸ™‚ Good work on Vouge 8723 dress! The finished product is super cute. I have been waiting to get my hands on that pattern. I will remember to also alter the uncomfortably high neckline if I ever make it!

  11. it looks gorgeous! there’s no such thing as overdressed at the supermarket in my humble opinion. also I think you could and totally should do that vogue. how else to learn, except by doing? PS am TOTES jealous re boning! good luck with the little green UFO

      1. been busy finishing my PhD but now that’s done I’m thinking about it! you make it look like fun! πŸ˜€

  12. I LOVE Anna Maria Horner voile, soooo pleasant to the touch. I have a small amount of forest hills but don’t know what to do with it…

    P.S. this is the first time I have commented on a blog post… EVER!

  13. just found your blog and love it!
    I am from Leeds too and love Jacks but I have not found the clearance section…might have to wander down on my lunch hour!!
    I am more into crafty sewing but I do want to venture into clothes making at some point,…looks so time consuming for me though!…
    you have a new follower now :o)

    1. and also just wondering where you got the tiny serger from? I have never seen one until I saw your blog and had a search and can only see them in the US…I am just being nosey as I really want a serger but struggling to find a spare Β£200!

      1. Oh! Thanks so much Kristy! πŸ™‚

        Little Sergei came from ebay. I lucked out as a woman was selling off her mother’s sewing equipment and found the serger, barely used in the cupboard (still had the original spools on it threaded up).
        It was Β£35 incl. postage and I thought oh god, either it’s awful or she doesn’t realise what she’s selling.
        Now, granted it only has three threads so it’s as robust an overlock stitch as you can get, and you can’t do fancy things like rolled hems with it but I think it rocks!! Check out ebay and gumtree for deals!

        Bet you, me and missie p have all passed each other in the market without realising.

  14. Ooooh, I’m gonna make me some zip pouches too! Make-up, pens, cake decorating bits and bobs… I foresee many uses! Loving the polka dots btw. And the dress of course, but I already told you that with my mouth.

  15. I love your name “almond rock” I love almonds and I think they rock!!!!!! The V1174 is gorgeous and yes totally remnds me of Dita as well. I think you will be able to tackle that pattern, boning is surprisingly easy!!

    1. Ooooh nice! I wish my little toyota had more fancy stitches sometimes.
      Also good work by your boyfriend! You’re a lucky lady.
      Jim just asks if I’m going to use the noisy machine (my serger) and when am I going to make the pjs I promised him. Haha

  16. The lion is awesome!!! And three cheers for project runway, I’m having a ladies premier party at my house tonight. Wine will be drank!

    1. Ooooh premier party!! I was there in spirit.
      I wish the lovely Tim Gunn was my uncle/sewing mentor. And since its my daydream he’s married to Stephen Fry so I have two lovely uncles, who’d come round for awesome dinner parties!
      A girl can dream πŸ™‚

  17. Well aren’t you a crafty one?! Loving the ipad case. And that cheesecake does look yummy…. when I lived away from home at uni, my housemates and I would save all the GΓΌ pots for making individual jellies – we never thought of cheesecakes!

    1. Thanks about the ipad case. If my brother doesn’t like it I’ll have to find another use for it.
      Little jellies is a good idea too! God I love GΓΌ puddings mmmmm.

  18. I love that red cape pattern. It looks a lot like a vogue pattern I’m using right now. Also I know what you mean about being scared of burda patterns. I hear so many bad things about them! I’m yet to use one …

  19. Oh, bureau, you are so tempting! Pleats are slowly getting better for me, sunni’s tutorial on a fashionable stitch really helped me. What pattern is first in your plan?

  20. i must find those patterns! i haven’t sewed burda for years because adding the seam allowance seems like such a nuisance, but they do lure me with those great designs. sheesh!

  21. I do that all the time, I get myself so pumped up about a pattern and i envision a glorious finished product (especially a new one I haven’t tried) and then the kinks and issues arise and my excitement gets deflated. Just keep sewing on, odds are that this awesome fabric will be the highlight of the dress regardless of your pattern reservations

  22. Sometimes I hate the process and we have to spend some time apart, thinking about our relationship before I can happily love a creation. Don’t forsake the fishies!

  23. Absolutely! I often put things aside and when you come back you have a fresh pair of eyes and re-evaluate where you are going with it. Often it’s not as dire as it seems.

  24. love that fabric!
    i’m constantly amazed at how my perception of projects/fabric combinations can change – one day i have everything picked out and matched up, the next i look at it and wonder what i was thinking. walking away for a bit definitely helps me πŸ™‚

  25. A while out-of-sight does wonders for (re)gaining enthusiasm….I have a hook on the back of the door to my sewing room to stash ‘disappointments’. It surprises me how often things seem to look better after they’ve had some time-out on that hook!

    1. Thanks! I’ve re-read and I sound like I’m boasting a bit oops! πŸ™‚ I’m really chuffed with all my sewing gear though.
      Hope you’ve been enjoying the summer and doing some sewing? You mentioned you were about to finish your phd right?

  26. Does no way sound like boasting! We would all love to be birthday princesses! Yep PhD all finished thank heavens , so just spent a blissful weekend sewing , resulting in one wadder & one piece of polka dot goodness! Woo!

  27. I’m glad happy to hear you had a good birthday! What could be better than sewing-related presents AND cake?! I agree, I think the heart pink would look really cute as a dress! Dresses are also 100 times more fun to make and wear.

  28. That’s so cute. I made a dwarf rabbit called Oscar as a kid. He lived ‘forever’ even the vet was surprised at his longevity!

  29. The first dress is lovely. As you know Amy I don’t sew, tried but failed, I can’t even seem to mend a hem on my trousers properly. But my mum is good and she is making me a cape for this winter πŸ™‚ can’t wait. It has pink lining!

  30. Oh my…what an epic…but such a happy ending! Gorgeous skirt! I was initially enamoured of download patterns but, like you, found the waste and hassle annoying….tracing isn’t quite so bad πŸ˜‰

  31. Despite all the trauma it looks gorgeous, all 50+ pages πŸ™‚
    Personally I would use the hem tape or the lace tape. I’ve never used lace tape, I just hand stitch. After a bit of practice your stitch length etc becomes pretty consistent.
    It’s quite a feminine girly skirt, it doesn’t scream Sporty Spice to me.

  32. Gorgeous skirt – at first glance I thought I would download it too, but 50 pages, I just don’t have that kind of patience or that much sticky tape πŸ˜‰

  33. HI,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I am a very rubbish blogger and an even more rubbish sewer of late. I recently moved to sheffield as I have started a masters and I do not think I realised just how much work a masters is – and I am only half way through my second week! So my sewing things are all still packed away and I am not going to be able to unpack them until this time next year I think! πŸ™ booooooooo! trying not to think about it as I will get upset! unless I could substitute sleeping for sewing….
    I am getting my fix through blogs only so keep me the posts coming and I can look on green with envy!

    p.s. the cakes look yum!

  34. What a brilliant save! Awesome job.
    I can’t bear to touch my high school formal dress. Despite the fact it’s a shot green/blue raw silk wired hem (mullet hem no less – not too severe but it’s there) with a strapless heavy black silk top – it’s such a fashion icon of its era I’m keeping it forever as is! Yes I’m a frock tragic!!

  35. better late than never indeed, and what a great way to save the good memories. it looks like it was made for you! how do you still fit it?!

    (i LOVE that you went for maxi length bond girl, by the way.)

  36. I have this box in the closet that i am terrified of- it has small leftovers from all of this years work. Enough to replace a covered button or a collar but not enough to really sew, but im afraid to toss it, so it grows and grows, eek!

  37. do you have any extra space to hang things like pattern pieces that are cut and waiting to be sewn? i’ll clip things together with a big bulldog clip and hang them from a pin on my bulletin board (great for patterns that i’m going to use again soon but don’t want to re-fold and stuff back into the envelope). or, if you have closet space, those trouser-hangers with clips on them work well for long/wide things. good luck!

  38. I just attacked my fabric closet yesterday. I didn’t have that much, but in the back I still found the pieces for a pair of trousers I cut 10 years ago. I don’t know why I didn’t finish them back then, but now they were at least 2 sizes too small, so I tossed them. Afterwards I kind of felt like I should have hung on to them – what if I could use the fabric for something else. But really. If they have been in a box for ten years, it’s time to go!

  39. I hope our wonderful swap today is not going to mess up your neat system! It was really lovely meeting you today and i am so happy to have found your blog! X

  40. I seem to remember you saying you were going to try to stay away from polka dots….. I guess that went out of the window hee hee! Oh well, I actually bought the red/white one too!

    It was lovely to meet you on Saturday.

  41. Great to meet you and what a very well formed haul you ended up with!! Will be interested particularly in what you make from the red wannabe crepe de chine polka dots, being a shopping sister!

  42. I love the glimpse of pink in the sleeves. This is why we sew – because our bodies don’t fit a ‘norm’, and because we’re clever enough to realise there is no norm. Hurrah for you!

  43. That is such a cute top and well done for sticking with the resizing. Seems such a chore at the time but hey you now have a perfectly fitted pattern to create those lovely designs πŸ™‚

  44. This is super cute Amy and you certainly nailed the fit, well done! All that hard work paid off and now you can make it as many times as you like! I love this pattern and recently bought it too, can’t wait to use it and I hope my result’s half as good as yours ;o)

  45. Very pretty. I often have similar issues with Simplicity/New Look patterns, I find I have to go down a couple of sizes on the shoulders and neckline. But it looks like all your work paid off πŸ™‚

  46. I liked Sew Iconic – but I’ll admit I’ve not made any of the projects yet. So many patterns and so little time! The Edith Head book sounds great, I think I’ll put that on my wishlist!

  47. i have the fiskars rotary cutter and love it, i bought it as was only one that was advertised as being able to move the blade for the lefties! I shopped around, samuel taylors in town was about Β£18(i think) and the mats ridiculous, think I paid Β£12 for the cutter and about Β£2 for the mat off of amazon, was by far the cheapest! I got A3 mat, but I have only used it for quilting not clothes making.
    I have asked for lots of sewing related items too…just to look at and admire until I am finished on my masters – then I hope to really get stuck in! Ordered 3 patterns from vogue while they have had their out of print sale on – such a shame the delivery is so much but still very cheap for vogue patterns πŸ™‚
    i am so jealous of all this sewing πŸ™

  48. Love it, crapzola is being added to my vocabulary! I love the dancing and strangulation descriptions; maybe you just got the fatal blow in first… It had made several attempts, so really it was Freudian self defence?! Ah, I’m pushing it a bit there, me thinks. Polkadot party dress of the Truffle persuasion sounds amazing!

  49. What a lovely top! I admire your stickability re the fitting problems, but I can relate because I have a lot of them too! I recently fitted the Sewaholic Alma blouse, and there were a few muslins! But I got there in the end, and, like you, fully intend to make about a billion variations of it. πŸ™‚

  50. I have Gertie’s book, and it’s fantastic (but you probably know that from all the reviews!). I think I will grow into this book, and there is just so much good advice and tips in it, I’ve already used it to draft a Peter Pan collar. Oh, and the patterns are gorgeous.

    Re a cutting mat, I would go with the biggest you (or Santa!) can afford, mine is 18×24 inches, and I’m sorry I didn’t get the one that’s bigger. As for rotary cutters, I’m not the person to give advice – I’m hopeless with mine!

  51. Oh the bodice looks great! I keep looking at the Truffle and then shying away because I know it’s going to need a shitload of work to get it to fit me. But Sarah made me a Truffle with a gathered skirt and it’s just lovely, so you could try that, and lowering the back neckline sounds like a good way to give it a bit of fancyness πŸ™‚

  52. i like the idea of lowering the neckline or you could add a collar or bow detail. maybe some embroidery with some sparkly beads? A nice full skirt could then me awesome for twirling!

      1. aww thanks! yeah havent gotten round to it, but I may remake it with a proper flounce again soon. the colette patterns have really helped me get more confident with sewing. πŸ™‚

  53. That bodice is looking delicious…hope you sort out a bottom half soon! I think whatever you decide on will look stunning, you can’t go wrong with fabric and lining like that ;o) Thanks so much for introducing me to the tutorial by the Selfish Seamstress by the way…swoon!!!

  54. Oh Dear. I think at some point we’ve all done this followed by a round of expletives. Have you considered an invisible mend it’s.such a shame to waste all your effort.( shows how to mend holes but I used Bondaweb and bit of matching fabric with some success!

    1. Oh mellie maybe I should give it a second chance with this kind of fix. Its worked on other clothes. I just worry with it being right by the armhole it’s gonna rip every time I put it on. Worth a try I guess

  55. Wow! Looks like the show was great fun! I used to live in Birmingham and went to the same/similar show at the NEC. I don’t envy the crowds, but there certainly looks to have been lts of goodies there!

    1. kasama ba ako sa blogroll mo malen? hehehe…. parang di kaya ng powers ko gawin itetch! i hope maging ma-swerte pa din ang taong 2008 sa akin…nginig!!!Merry lovely Christmas to you dear! :em55:

    2. I find your series work intriguing. The images become symbols when presented in a landscape layout. We want to decipher them as language…thoughts…time…such energy and gesture. It is as if you have absorbed the life force of the painting’s subject and translated it to the page or canvass.

    3. I’ve tried it for a while now. I still think it’s awful to have the titles to the right of the images. Do whatever else you want, but move the titles so that they’re above, please.

    4. “So you wish to be my hireling? Oh, do sit! Sit! What kind of a host am I? Would you like a drink? Perhaps tranya or a fine 1420 Malt?”It suddenly occurs to me that I might want to create some details for luxury food and drink. What is more impressive, a bottle of wine or a decanter of 1645 Khefret Siaz; fruit, or fine dates from the southern hills of Al Misra?

  56. Hi Amy
    I just got back from a weekend in Harrogate and visited the show too. Stocked up on some cosy wool’s – far better for the knitter than sewer (unless patchwork is your thing) but did get some vintage French lace trims which are beautiful. Absolutely exhausted and overspent – crowds not too bad – when on a Saturday last year and couldn’t move.

  57. so nice! love both garments a lot!!! so cute! the polka dots are really nice and the fabric looks nice and dressy! teaming it with gold shoes sounds perfect for xmas!

  58. Every lady needs a closet full of polka dots! Am loving both the dress and the top πŸ˜€ Perhaps some twill tape to stabilise the neckline could be the ticket with the dress bodice for next time? I have this happen a couple of times and it sucks! I can’t wait to see some more dotty awesomeness πŸ˜€

  59. I love both of these, and polka dots rock!! I must make me something with polka dots. It’s interesting to read about how you sewed the sleeves on your top. I sewed the sleeves on my Sewaholic Alma’s like that because it seemed easier that way, but didn’t even think that it might be “wrong”. But one thing I have learnt about sewing is that there aren’t too many wrong ways to do something – just the best way that works for that person. And I’m all for making life easy for myself! πŸ™‚

  60. ah doll you look cracking! Lovely use of the dots. That dress is making me think of all the fabulous prom films of the 80s well the heroine sees off the meanies to rein supreme πŸ™‚ woot!

  61. Count me in for this. New Year resolution is to do more sewing. I keep buying the fabric, just never actually making anything. THis might give me the kick up the butt I need!

  62. I love the idea of this pattern pyramid. Love the patterns that you are adding as well. Never heard of Prima patterns, but already have my eye on making one of the dresses if I am lucky in this round!!! So count me in please!

  63. I am so with you on the last point – stop rushing!! I am always so impatient to get things done within stupidly short self-imposed deadlines that my makes suffer. I need to chill out and enjoy the process!

  64. Great resolutions! I’m a new sewer, so I look forward to your posts/projects throughout the coming year. But I’ll second (or I guess third since the above comment also mentions it!) no rushing! I’m a stickler for details, so I think it will be very necessary for me to take my time!

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    2. Thank you, herhimnbryn, although I wish you could see how Kingsley weaves his words. Elizabeth, I’m glad that this story came to you at the right time, and Jennifer, you are right – he is so deeply generous.In his most recent letter, Kingsley ended with this: “I’m getting on. More and more people offer me their seats on the subway.”Hard to believe that we’ve been friends now for probably 17 years.

  65. I love your green dress, and I’d try lopping some length off the fishes dress to help love it again? Hope you have a fabulous 2013, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  66. You have some great targets there. I would like to build up my TNT’s instead of reaching for wacky patterns that invariably do not turn out well, and I’d also like to master men’s shirts! Now I have a really good reason for that – if I have to buy fabric for hubby’s shirts, I can slip in some lengths of fabric for me too!!

    I look forward to seeing your progression next year!


  67. So pleased to find your blog via Twitter! Love what you make, especially the stripy top with the exposed zipper! I laughed at your thought bubble, I think us sewers so think like that a lot of the time. Now a happy ‘follower’, Sam xox

  68. I have been using these for over a year now and I still love love love them. So usefull! In my sewing class I learned to transfer the seamallowance bij thread-tracing around the pattern. I’m glad I can skip that step by using the seam allowance guide, it saves massive amounts of time!

  69. Scrappy-doo was the Cousin Oliver of the cartoon world. I must admit and acknowledge that I am an eye-candy pinner. MY brotherinlaw shows up at events with recipes he’s made off of pins and I have nothing but 65 boards of glittery stuff! I considered starting a ‘I’ll nevr actually do this’ board, but it got too exhausting transfering everything to it! I want pinata cookies.

  70. Ooooo I might have to have a go at this. I’ve pinned loads of things I want to try but never have.

    I was going to order the fish Karachi from akbars the other day but didn’t. Looks great to make.


  71. *fist shake* scrappy doo! Total cartoon nemesis. I haven’t had a look at my Pinterest board in ages… Might go have a look and see what is doable (too many home renos on my boards!) teehee

  72. Ah, Pinterest. I’m not quite sure it’s a good idea (I have boards, but I’m not so great at using them for inspiration). I sort of use it to bookmark things, but I think it’s bad at that; it’s great for pictures. I collect pics of lovely birds!

    For sewing, I’ve started “web-clipping” using Evernote, and then I can access it on my phone or any or my ‘devices’. Eek, now I sound like I’m promoting Evernote – I’m not, honest. Anyway, I like this because I have the tutorial on my phone and at my sewing machine when I, er, get around to making all the things I clipped. It’s the same problem really.

    Pinata cookie is fantastic! (And I’ve gone and clipped the recipe for Fish Karahi. I’m very suggestible…)

    Good luck; look forward to reading all about everything you make!

  73. I’m very inspired by this post, I’m a serial pinner as well and man do I need to try some of the shit that I pin. I totally just pinned the horse print dress to my sewing board as well, I guess I have to make one now! look what you’ve started- actual commitment. Thanks for the creative motivation! Looking forward to your creations πŸ™‚

  74. That is such a great idea!!!! What you have made from your pins thus far are all amazing, I can’t wait to see what you make this year. It is such a timely reminder to use all that we can actually create what we pin. Thanks for inspiring, Sam xox

  75. Awww girl, so glad you’re excited! Can’t wait to see your jacket! I promise it’s not all that hard… just time-consuming! How do you feel about Daniel Craig’s Bond? My vote is that he’s the all-time greatest shirtless Bond. πŸ˜€

  76. You are so sweet! You know what the ‘downside’ is of doing everything sewing related in English? I can’t explain to my mom what I’m doing since I don’t know how that stuff is called in Dutch πŸ™‚ When sewing, I talk to myself in English πŸ™‚ Which in my mind is pretty neat, since English is my heart’s tongue, instead of my mother tongue (does this make sense at all?)

    – I love James Bond, just not a fan of Daniel Craig (Bond is not blond in my mind)
    – If Tim Gunn and Stephen Fry do get married and adopt you, could you tell them to adopt me too? Pretty please!
    – I should be on financial lockdown as well, as we’re planning to build a house (already dreaming about the perfect sewing room) but so far, it’s not going so well. I blame my mother who keeps dragging me to fabric stores (like that is so bad)
    – I do not know what shrove Tuesday is but those pancakes sound delicious! I’m going to make me some for lunch now!

  77. Congratulations on your award and for winning Sonja’s giveaway! Lucky You! I have just discovered your blog now, so am going to follow it, very excited! Looking forward to seeing more of what you make. πŸ™‚

  78. How cute is that owl? I can’t wait to see your anise either…I’m well scared of trying jackets of trousers at the moment until I’m better at the slightly easier stuff! Looking forward to see how you get on with yours, bet it’ll be great!

  79. Well, I was just going to read this and then retweet, thinking I shouldn’t event try to win anything from you again but, oh, those buttons! That owl! The Simplicity and Vogue dresses! So, um, yeah, me please?

  80. Oooh, love your giveaway, thanks! Yes, please enter me. All those items look fabulous, but I am making a white dress as part of my Pattern Pyramid pick and those buttons will look divine on it!

  81. Can I enter just for the owl tape measurer. I love loe love love owls and everything owl related!

    I’m hosting a giveaway myself, so you might want to check it out πŸ™‚

  82. Would love to be in with a chance to win your giveaway!!! And if I do will send you pics of finished product when I make the dresses of course!!! X

  83. Oooh, that lingonberry fabric’s gorgeous – can’t wait to see what you use that for. Thanks for sharing the luck around! I’d love to win – think those mother of pearl buttons would look fab on a Mathilde blouse.

  84. Oh you lucky and generous thing – that giveaway isn’t modest at all. I especially love the owl tape measure. Fingers crossed I can give it and your other goodies a home!

  85. It’s really pretty, and I LOVE the fabric. I’ve just bought NL6808 too as I needed a good top pattern and everyone seems to be raving about it on pattern review. Going to start on it this weekend – hope it turns out as nice as yours!

    1. Awesome! It is a great staple. Make sure you do a muslin first though. Read my pattern review… it took me three times to crack it. Phew. Thanks for the compliment. Have fun!

  86. Love the top, also love that Newlook patterns are on sale at the moment Β£2.95 each. I once used a black permanent marker to colour my white self cover buttons before covering with a thin fabric. It stopped the white showing through for me but may depend on the material I guess. Only found your blog a few weeks ago but have really enjoyed reading it.

  87. Can’t wait to hear how you get on, deadly jealous!!! Can I ask you where the Yorkshire sewing school is based, would love a trip myself as I don’t live far from Yorkshire. Enjoy yourself on the weekend x

  88. Love the Jaeger jacket! And don’t be too scared – you have a tutor to help you, and while jackets can be a lot more involved that doesn’t mean they’re impossibly hard – just more steps πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to see what you’re going to make!

  89. Interesting post! Can’t wait to see the finished version. A Chanel inspired lbj was on my sewing list of plans this autumn but I never got to it… I think you will re inspire me!

  90. Oh! I so can’t wait to see more posts on this! Great tip about the not serging the edges. I start freaking if they fray and overlock them into safeness. Then there is always seam bulk. Grrr. Pinking all the way!

  91. Glad to see you back, hope things are a bit better for you. Your Mathilde blouse looks lovely. I would call it a “wearable full stop” as it’s too good to be a muslin!

  92. Sorry you’ve been having a difficult time lately, but it’s great to see you back! Your Mathilde looks lovely, way more than just a wearable muslin I’d say ;o)

    1. Thanks Marie. I’m happy I’m getting back into the swing of things; Including coming to your next Birmingham meet up! I let Kat know this morning. Will be lovely to see you all again. Not sure if you’re coming to London next week?

    1. Zach / I am inteserted in joining the United States Marine Corps. I would like to become an field artillery cannoneer and I know what score I need to obtain on the asvab. Other than getting a good score, can you give me any advice to obtain my goal of becoming a field artillery cannoneer? Thanks.

    1. Thanks muchly (it’s a teeny bit too small on the chest so will be ironing out the kinks in the next version. Yours is lovely, I can see why you picked it as one of your proudest makes. I want to make a lighter coloured one like yours.

    1. Thanks lovely lady! I’m getting back to my normal self which is good. My proper Mathilde is going to be in something bright and spring coloured. So in awe of your denim skills. And I bought some courduroy inspired by your kelly! xx

  93. Oh wow, your fabric choices look amazing, especially that lace! I only live a few miles away but don’t think I make use of the market as well as I could (maybe that’s a good thing tho, I don’t have that much room in my house for more fabric)… I will see you in June, you will have to help/advise me with purchases if you’re not buying (but I bet you give in!) Can’t wait!

  94. I love those fabrics, and I also love the stall you mean – it’s where I got my matryoshka print cotton the last time, and those women are really funny. I love Pete’s Sew Good for haberdashery as well – 5 zips for Β£2 on his stall!

  95. Sounds like a lovely day out. I love houndstooth, too, always have. And that’s one thing we might be able to make for ourselves – I want to learn how to weave it. I’ve seen patterns in weaving books, so theoretically it should be possible.

  96. What a lovely roundup – it was so good to see you again and I’m so pleased you felt more confident. You’re a meet-up pro now ;o) I’d never been to the V&A before either and have vowed to go back and spend a day there…utterly stunning! Also, I’m so glad I didn’t spot Lizzy’s bird print rayon at the swap, as much as I like you, I don’t think that would have stopped me from wrestling you to the ground over it. In fact, if I knew where you lived I would come up and steal it. Ahem, anyway… ;o)

  97. It was so lovely to meet you IRL! So glad you love the birdie fabric πŸ™‚ I’ve got a tiny bit left at home from my Alma and I think it’s going to be the lower half of a Deer & Doe Datura blouse…

  98. Oh my goodness that squirrel fabric is TO DIE FOR! It’s the cutest thing! Can’t wait to see what you make with it. Every round up of the day I read I get more and more sad that I wasn’t there but bring in Birmingham can’t wait to see you all again πŸ™‚

  99. You were the first person I spoke to at the V&A and you were so lovely and helpful it definately helped me get over my nerves at my first meet up, so thank you! It was lovely meeting you, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you make from these lovely fabrics x

    1. oh you are so sweet! I remember talking to you and I didn’t think you were nervous. You came across very well. It’s so much fun meeting other sewists! Hope to see you again soon x

  100. So good to meet you on Saturday! And I have great plans for your royal blue from the swap. Love the horses, wish I’d had time to go back and get some myself. Oh well, there’s always next time… And the squirrels and bunnies – love it!

  101. Hi, happy 1st anniversary! I’m a keen follower and confess to following (not stalking) you on both WordPress and Bloglivin’
    Please accept this as my entry to your fab giveaway!

  102. Happy 1st blogiversary! (I completely missed my first one (duh!) so will have to mark my second later on in the year…) I follow you via Blogger and Bloglovin. Looking forward to seeing your MMM13 wardrobe!

  103. you have a new follower on twitter novice with sewing but cant wait to make my own clothes looking forward to reading your blog πŸ™‚ xxx

  104. Happy blogiversary! I’m a new follower as I’ve just started sewing, but I’m really enjoying the read! I’m following on feedly πŸ™‚

  105. Helloooo there I follow via twitter via my kindle then I go the big computer and follow BIGGER and drool ( sounds vaguely illegal)

  106. Hi I found you via twitter & will be following via Facebook. I’ve been drooling over Backstitche’s new Victory patterns, I know exactly which pattern I’d buy πŸ˜‰

  107. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I follow you on Bloglovin, and I think Twitter – I’m just going to check and follow you there if I don’t already (I’m still getting the hang of Twitter)

  108. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! I’ve been checking out your blog for a while now and have just started following on Blogger.
    Are you taking part in MMM this year? I’m hoping it will kickstart me into sewing more of my every-day wardrobe!
    Thanks for the give-away and for letting me know about Backstitch as I hadn’t seen that website before.

  109. Congratulations. I follow you in Google Reader (still too much in denial to make the move to Bloglovin’ yet).
    Here’s to many more years blogging.

  110. Oh i want to try tulip sleeves too! Which tutorial did you use? Your dress looks lovely. Can’t wait to see the polka dot week…!

  111. Your dress is beautiful, hope I told you that at the meet-up…if I didn’t, I totally meant to! Was the fabric really Β£1 a metre?!? Wow! Really sorry the tulip sleeves didn’t work for you! What tutorial did you use? Maybe I should try and make the pattern piece I use downloadable for people, with a tutorial? I’ll look into that…

  112. Gorgeous dress – I said as much on the day. You’ve made me re-think polyester. Lovely to meet you. Hope you made it to Libery in the end.

  113. weren’t we so lucky with the weather for this bank holiday, sounds like you really made the most of it! I lveo your Day 2 dress and those chevron fabrics are fantastic!

  114. Congrats on your 1st anniversary! I’ve just moved from Google Reader (boo!) to Bloglovin’, and following you there.

  115. Happy blog-iversary! I’m a new blogger too (well, much newer than you!), it must feel like a great achievement to get to this milestone. Following on Bloglovin πŸ™‚

  116. I love the sweetheart dress! In fact all your outfits are gorgeous. The chevron fabric has given me want-it-itis! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it…

  117. That is one gorgeous dress and the sleeve bodice lining bit is beautiful! You look stunning in it and the fabric is beautiful as well as a bargain!

  118. Happy Blog-versary! I’ve only just recently discovered Me-Made-May. So cross I’ve been missing out! Just started to follow you on Bloglovin and Twitter

  119. Those little hearts are super cute. I want a dress made of this print. Also, very nice touch binding the zipper tape. The neck you could tack down on two opposing sides of the neckline to adjust it. nobody would notice. πŸ™‚ You look great!

  120. Cute fabric, and it turned out great! I really like the width of the shoulder strap area (I feel like there’s a better word for that, but my caffeine hasn’t quite kicked in this morning)! That part is usually wider in sleeveless dresses, but the tapering is very nice and feminine.

  121. ‘Retroactively’ – what a great word!!! It’s such a sweet dress my dear, hope you get the lining issue sorted so you can wear it all the time!

  122. I love your dress! I think it looks super cute on you and really suits you πŸ™‚
    I have the same fabric in a different colourway (cream and navy ish) but I still haven’t decided what to make with it – not enough for a dress though πŸ™
    I’ve seen similar fit issues to yours and out of interest looked it up (I’m a bit geeky like that!!). I have the Vogue Sewing book and it has a large section on garment fit issues and what to do with them. It has information on what might be causing a gaping neckline – from cup size to hollow or pigeon chests – always such flattering terms – and what to do about them.

    1. Thanks for the comments πŸ™‚
      Great minds think alike. I checked that section of the book too! Gave me the idea to add two neckline darts then rotate them to the bust to see if that helps.
      I say make a skirt from your fabric. Its a bit stiff for a top in my opinion (I tried with the green/cream colourway amd it turned out a flop!) but if you make a top please share you’ll probably master it better thank me!

  123. I have tried to follow you, I think by email as google wanted to add you to my igoogle page not reader! Hopefully I am a new reader, sigh!

  124. I love the dress!! It was a good choice to keep the flower!
    I must say university wasn’t what I expected either, I had friends but when I had to take a year out after my first year due to sickness going back was really hard.
    My friends were all in their final year and the people in my (now 2nd) year already had groups of friends and I never really felt like a fitted in.

    One thing it did teach me was to not rely on others to introduce themselves, now I am the semi confident one who introduces themselves even though I am feeling really shy.
    Also makes meet ups a lot easier πŸ™‚
    Katrina x

  125. Oh my god I just had the shock of my life when I saw my name! Thank you so much! The weirdest thing was that I’ve been thinking about you a lot this weekend (that sounds racy, it’s not, i promise!) as I’ve been making my very own button back new look 6808 blouse and was reading about yours for inspiration and technical skills…

  126. thanks for the heads up about this, however I am disappointed as it seems it is not available to people who have done a free class already, it wouldn’t let me sign up for anything πŸ™

  127. Nice polka dot umbella there, miss! And YES to the expressions – you have such a cute wee face, especially in the photo of you in the green dress! Hope you have a happy holiday xxx

  128. You choose the most gorgeous prints! Love the birdcages. I struggled in lead up to hols trying to have me mades clean and ready to pack and still have things to wear before! Have a fab time!

  129. Some very nice stuff in there! I have heard from a few folks that they were stressing out about Me Made. I did not join up as I realized that I simply did not have enough clothes sewn by me yet.

  130. I would *love* to go to Liberty. My mum and Grandma were big fans – we had Liberty curtains on our lounge when I was growing up!
    Have you seen some of Florence’s makes over at Flossie Teacakes? She’s made some really lovely things. Can’t wait to see what you make!
    Louise x

  131. thanks for the interesting history – I visited Liberty when I was in the UK in January, the building is amazing, fascinating that it was built from old ships!

  132. Hi Amy, I decided to use the voucher on the Sewaholic Thurlows pattern – I’ve been WAY too scared to even think about making trousers so reckon this will give me just the push I need! Thanks again!

  133. I’ve been to Liberty twice, but didn’t buy any fabric; also I didn’t know the facade was made from two ships! The fabric you bought is lovely, good luck with your dress.

  134. This is a dream for me to visit the store, Must get there one day!!! Thank your for all the photos. Might have to go and buy some Liberty today – just because.

  135. Oh my gosh I just bought the exact same fabric after spending the better part of my birthday in Liberty (and the tea room πŸ˜‰ This week-end the fabric turned into a blouse, it was a dream to sew with and is totally smile inducing! Cannot wait to see your dress!

    1. you look great in your little sunny ‘makes’ Amy, fab when you can wear little dresses like that in the lovely warm weather. keep sewing!!!! Gill

        1. You’re welcome Amy – looking forward to catching up with you again on my ‘sewing essentials’, ‘Fit to flatter trouser- pattern drafting’ and ‘skirt pattern drafting’ classes. Gaining knowledge from all these classes will put you well on the way to producing just what ever you want and to have a real professional and polished finish.
          Understanding and having knowledge about pattern drafting allows you to be able to have patterns that fit you perfectly!!! Talk soon Gill

  136. Amy, don’t be such a meanie…you did great!!! I love that turquoise dress you re-discovered, it’s so pretty and flattering! I must say that I felt great not participating this year…all the fun of seeing people’s outfits, without the stress of taking part. Hopefully I’ll join in again next year as I’m more confident with the clothes I’ve been making recently!

  137. That’s some local library – what a beautiful place, and what a selection of books! I usually join my local library whenever we move house but I never got round to it with this move. You’ve given me a reminder to make sure I join when we move again next month.

  138. Oh my stars! What a beautiful building- how inspiring and uplifting it must be!

    You’re reminding me I should visit my own library, and check out what sewing books I can find there. It’s a ghastly 70s block, nowhere near as beautiful as yours!

  139. A brilliant post! I’m a librarian and a sewer and am so glad you discovered one of the best free resources we have, hopefully your post will encourage others!!

  140. Wow, what a beautiful place, I didn’t know this library existed! I used to love studying in the British Library…. so inspiring. I don’t think they have a fashion section though πŸ™ Enjoy!

  141. Ooo… you have planted a fantastic seed. I’m going to check out my new local library this weekend. Something I’ve been meaning to do for far too long! x

  142. This is brilliant! I wanted to adapt this very pattern to be button back so was delighted to find you’d done the same and it looks awesome! Did you interface your button band at all, or was the fold of fabric sufficient to hold the buttonholes?

    1. Yay. I recommend adapting it this way! As this was rather drapey rayon I decided to use a strip of iron on hemming web to stabilise the button holes and craftily stick the front and back of the fold together which massively helped sew the buttonholes but I wish I had used interfacing on one side of the fold to stop the weight of my buttons making the fabric sag which happens a little.
      That make sense? I can explain further if it helps

  143. LOVE!!!!!!!! I so loved this fabric when you posted it and think you did it total justice with this dress! Good to know about the bust adjustment. Do you have a tutorial you followed or info in a book for how to do that adjustment, I guess it’s a reverse FBA? I would definitely need to do the same adjustment (and for other patterns too) and would love to know what you did. Thanks Amy!

    (And, really, you don’t know if dogs have made this or not….there are some pretty talented canines in our midst. πŸ˜› )

    1. Haha perhaps the dogs are smarter than I think. I’ll email you over something for adjusting the bust on this dress and the link to Moonbeam’s sba explanation which is good for patterns with regular darts!

  144. Colleagues sometimes just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to awesome garments, I’m afraid! This is gorgeous, lovethe colour and the print is so whimsical!

  145. That plane fabric is so cool, I can’t imagine how anyone could not comment on it! I love your Liberty fabric choice too. I had forgotten there was an August meet-up in London, hopefully I’ll be able to make it, thanks for the reminder!

  146. It’s cute. I think it’s always a good sign when non-sewers don’t comment – it means you’re not wearing something that looks like it was made in a home economics class or that is a bit of a fashion faux pas!
    I’m making pyjamas using a lawn from Textile Express so I know how soft and lovely their lawns are.

    1. Oooh pajamas. They’ll be soooo cosy and soft. You won’t want to get out of them! Can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m a total convert to cotton lawn. I bet you could make anything out of it and still love it.

  147. what a lovely dress, and the fabric is fabulous! I am always equal parts relieved and disappointed when friends and colleagues don’t comment on me-mades: they must not look too patched together, but I would like my work to be acknowledged!

    1. You’re so right! A very fine line of “Does their silence mean I am being complimented or insulted?” I think this time it meant “Stop going on about all your bloody sewing Amy!”

    1. Thank you! Yeeeah get cracking with yours lady. Try out my theory about not needing a fba. Perhaps my colleagues aren’t impressed with aeroplanes and I have to go BIGGER to impress them?

  148. This is SUCH a cute dress – I honestly can’t believe that work people didn’t comment on it! What’s wrong with people!?! It was lovely seeing you by the way, hopefully see you in August ;o)

    1. Thank you! Sorry you didn’t get your hands on the offcuts. I think after this post calling them out on it, my work mates might never comment on my outfits again, OOPS! Lovely seeing you as always m’dear x

  149. You know I love it, I couldn’t stop thinking about how soft it was after the swapsie on Saturday! Hope you don’t think I’m a crazy stalker for copying and getting the orange version…I promise I won’t make the exact same dress!! What did you use for the lining btw? – it looks equally as soft as the planes…

    1. God I know. I have to stop myself stroking the fabric while I’m wearing the dress or I’ll look like a lunatic! You’ll soon learn the temptation. For my lining I used a nude coloured poly crepe. I’m didn’t want the dress to stick to my tights you see. I so nearly bought the orange instead of the green, know whatever you make will turn out lovely!

  150. Aw I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to see this in real life, it’s so cute! My colleagues have mostly stopped commenting on my clothes too, but I think they’re just too used to me by now!

    1. Bah they’ve just run out of superlatives for your makes. Don’t worry too much about missing out on the meet up. There’s always others and you wouldn’t have appreciated the thundering rain we got in the middle of our walk! Sure I’ll see you soon πŸ™‚

  151. Love love love love love! Just fabulous! I’ve loved that fabric since you bought it and it looks divine in dress form! Feel,very proud of yourself as you look amazing in it!

  152. Hi Amy, we got the last scrap of your green fabric on Saturday!! Phoebe made it into a bookmark for Father’s day when we got home (with a plane button she bought in the Rag Market). I couldn’t for the life of me remember where you said you bought the fabric, so am very pleased to see this post – 2m of the orange will be winging their way to me shortly!

    1. Oh what a good idea. I’m sure that went down well. I’m glad you bought some of the orange colourway. I was really torn between the orange and green so I’ll get to live vicariously through you. Happy sewing!

  153. Hi, it was great meeting you on Saturday and I still can’t stop thinking about and drooling over your dress and that fabirc (thanks for the link :D) Birmingham was such good fun and I hope to see you at another meet up. until then I am looking forward to following your blog. speak soon xxx

    1. Great video! Even when I cant understand everything what you say. Anyway, its nice to hear there is other aspergers who can enjoy their lives middle of neurotypical people and who also like to be different.

  154. Beautiful dress, even more so in real life! Was fab to meet you on Sat. If you want help organising an ‘Up North’ meet up like we briefly discussed on Sat, let me know! πŸ˜€

  155. Your dress is gorgeous!! Your work mates clearly wouldn’t know a nice dress if it leapt up and bit them! I’m offended for you! πŸ˜‰ Also, I love your new fabric. Any plans for it yet?

  156. Hey Amy!
    So nice to meet you on saturday! it was such a lovely day and so nice to meet so many fellow sewers!!
    your dress has inspired me too..! Luckily, I have local textile express (lucky, I know) so i’ll be going in there on my next trip to town!
    Looks like we both picked up the lovely golfer’s lawn fabric too. i bought just enough to make my man a tie..just a bit of fun:)
    I am contemplating the London meet up i might see you then:)

    1. Was lovely meeting you too! You’re very lucky to be so close to textile express, though it’s probably quite a temptation.
      We clearly both have excellent fabric taste. A tie sounds fab! I’m going all out crazy with a blouse.
      Fingers crossed we can chat some more in London πŸ™‚ x

  157. Well done! I hadn’t looked up what Ami had used for her shirt dress (it’s been a mad week) – the pattern is great isn’t it? And just goes to prove our point that the Big Four really don’t know how to style and sell their designs on their packaging!

  158. You’re hilarious – First Knight! My top 5 favourite films are Short Circuit 2, Clueless, Jaws, The Silence of the Lambs and 10 Rillington Place. So I think that means I like well-dressed, robotic serial-killing sharks?

    1. Hahah love it. You need to watch First Knight many times and add “medieval” to that list! Hope you’ve been watching Hannibal. It’s been very good if you ask me.

  159. Love your zatchel, I nearly bought it! But decided to go with an old school distressed leather one instead. We might have been satchel twins as well!

    1. Snygg bild pΓƒΒ₯ chtrkfluiierna!! Jag gick i samma spΓƒΒ₯r…..HÀr stΓƒΒ₯r det som spâ i backen sΓƒΒ₯ lite vÀrme och hetta skulle inte skada =)Ha en bra dag.

  160. I absolutely love your dress! Doesn’t the print make you want to throw your arms out to the sides and zoom around like an airplane? I made a top from the same fabric, and that is definitely my instinct. (incidentally, I’m posting said top on my blog later today, so pop over to see it if you’re interested).

  161. So good to see Simplicity 2444 and with planes! I have just started my adventure with it, and have to say love it too! Yours looks fab but also in some ways good that it can pass under the radar (haha) so to speak as you’ll get a lot of wear out of it in everyday situations. And of course sewists would comment! That is obvious πŸ™‚

  162. Wow what a treat of a giveaway! I’d have to pick Simplicity 2451 as my favourite. I finished the toile and immediately knew I’d be making a few versions of this pattern. Version 1 just needs a zip and version 2 is cut out already!
    Good luck everyone.

  163. Whoooooot! I am so in love with that Simplicity Leanne Marshal pattern you bought, I think it will look fantastic on you! And, can’t wait to see your Sassy Librarian blouse. I have not started mine yet. (shame on me). πŸ™‚

    I have a few Simplicity and New Look patterns. I’m not sure which are my ‘favourites’ yet, as I have not made many of them up. HOWEVER, I can tell you which is the latest one I have got, just yesterday, as a matter of fact, and I love it. It is New Look 6325. The blouse and skirt the model is wearing are both so cute and have little touches, like an asymmetrical scallop type hem on the skirt and the front V neck straps on the top. So cute! Can’t wait to sew this one, up, will ping you when they are completed!

    I really like both of the Simplicity patterns you are giving away and the badges are so cute, as well. Fingers crossed and, thanks Amy for the giveaway!

  164. Hi Amy, great giveaway! My favourite Simplicity pattern is Amazing Fit 1882 – it’s at the top of my list to buy once I’ve made a dent in my current stash. Your blouse looks beautiful – love the fabric, tucks and the buttons!

  165. I haven’t made clothes from any patterns before, so I don’t have a favourite yet, but I love the look of 1652. It looks very flattering and comfortable to wear, I love the variations of them both too πŸ™‚ Making myself clothes is one of my next challenges!

  166. I love new look/simplicity patterns. I just made my daughters prom dress from 6773. She was the belle of the ball

  167. I’ve very nearly bought both 1652 and the Leanne Marshall one before. I love Simplicity 1803, I’ve just made it as my first dress and it worked beautifully and the fit was great! I already have another version of it lined up.

  168. I only started seeing again recently and already I made two versions of New Look 6843 – it goes together so easily and makes a great basic work skirt – I am thinking if making another!

    I love the patterns you are giving away – particularly 1800 and would be really really excited to win!


  169. I am about to start my third skirt from new look 6843 – it is a really great basic skirt pattern that goes together very easily

    Love the giveaway patterns – particularly 1800


  170. Simplicity 2603 is my go to for wraps. I’ve made this 4 times – that I can remember. I still have plenty more knits to make up in this pattern. It’s the pattern that keeps on giving.

  171. I also like Simplicity and New Look patterns and don’t really have a favorite so I say it is 2812, Project Runway coats because a new wool winter coat is on my list this year.

  172. What a great giveaway … I have a lot of favorite Simplicity patterns but the one I have made multiple times is Simplicity 2258. I’ve made I think at least 4 of the mini skirts and 2 shorts (and going to do more as soon as I have the time) …
    Thank you for the chance …

  173. Love that golfer print! My favourite pattern (to date) is Simplicity 2848 (project runway). I love versatility in a pattern fabrics, seasons, layering options, embellishments, casual to classy and this one ticks all of those boxes! I’ve made it 3 times so far..

  174. Oooh! You picked some cute patterns. And, I’d love to throw my name in the hat for the giveaway. My favorite Simplicity pattern(s!) right now (aside from my two lovely choices here!) would have to be 2217 and 2648 from the Amazing Fit collection, and while the Cynthia Rowley pattern 2406 is a deviation from my typical, I think it’s pretty cool as well!

  175. What a great giveaway!! Love the badge.
    The last Simplicity pattern I used was 3584 for my little boy (pyjama bottoms) – I have lisette K2209 from Simplicity and am trying to find the time/right fabric to make up the jacket. I think that could become a favourite if I get it right!!
    I also keep looking at the sassy librarian blouse but have yet to part with any money, as I’m worried that it won’t suit me as I’m a bit ‘booby’.

  176. Wow how exciting! I think my favourite Simplicity pattern has to be 2116 – the PJs – as I have made it 3 times so far! However I am prepared for this to be replaced by 2444 once I finally get brave enough to get going with this dress. Thanks for the awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

  177. what a great giveaway. My favorite is Simplicitiy 1803 as I have made it for my niece’s christening and hopefully am about to do it again for a wedding πŸ™‚

  178. 1755 above looks great, looking forward to seeing the resulting dress! I love some of the vintage Simplicity patterns – if only to admire the covers – I think I’ll go for the very versatile and summary 4976. Your blouse is also looking great – I’m enrolled on that course but am yet to start.

  179. What a great giveaway Amy, you’re spoiling us Embassador! Um, I have no idea what my fave Simp/NL pattern is but the one I’ve made most (in my limited time as a sewist so far) is the NL6483 skirt. It’s a great work skirt but I’d love to make more stuff… Loving what you’ve done so far with the polka dots!

  180. 2588 is my current Simplicity favourite but I have to say I’m looking forward to having a fling with the Leanne Marshall pattern you’ve picked out – I can’t wait to see your version!

  181. Hehe…love your veggie option of a tailor’s ham! Also sounds like your class was amazing, you don’t often just get to practise and perfect techniques! I too started with a 10 week evening course at a local college and I’ve done a few pattern drafting courses since then. I’d love to do a similar class to yours though!

    1. Thanks Marie. It really helped me target my weak points which was good. I’m off on a skirt drafting course just like you did! I can never find skirts that fit well so really looking forward to it

  182. I’ve yet to make up 2444 but seeing the versions of this online and how well crazy print fabrics work with this makes it my favourite at the moment. I’ve actually had my eye on 1800 for a whole but have forbidden myself to buy any new patterns until I have worked through some of the owns I already own. If I’m not lucky enough to win this though, I’ll be adding it to my birthday wish list in September! Loving the spotty bodice so far by the way!

  183. My last class was the Mathilde Blouse with Tilly at Ray Stitch. I picked it because it would cover tucks, gathering, sleeve insertion and button packets. I’m on a zips course this weekend and looking forward to it.