I nearly made two of this blouse, just in case I got a hole in one!

Waheeeyyyy I finally can share my Sassy Librarian Blouse with you!

(Plus I’ll be announcing my Giveaway winner!)


I was lucky enough to sign up for the course that accompanies this blouse when Craftsy had a free class day.

I’d seen so many great variations of this blouse that it really intrigued me if the style would suit me.


At the blogger meet up I chose a Liberty cotton tana lawn print that had tiny golfers and greens in a purple, lialc and apple green colour way.

Erica also bought this groovy fabric in a red and blue colourway, great minds think alike.

I went for view 2 – with pleats, the bow and the tab. As soon as Christine mentioned Mary Tyler Moore I was like hells yes, that’s what I’m after.




What do you normally do on a sunny evening? Of course you go up to the roof terrace and do a golf themed photo shoot!



I’m really pleased I made this blouse as it’s a pretty different and unique design.

Perhaps I’d make a couple of changes next time though:

  • I’d definitely lower the back neckline as it’s a bit too high which makes it gape.
  • I’d also lower the front a touch as the tab and bow hit a little too high for comfort when I look down.
  • I might also swap out the release pleats for darts as I feel they aren’t as flattering on me as I’m used to.
  • I’d also experiment with using more overlocked edges and see if they add any bulk to the insides.

The class was pretty well run and perfectly tailored for beginners.

As I had a little more experience I was chomping at the bit to fast forward a little and see the next step but it probably did me some good to stop and watch all the parts.

I do wish details were added in to explain how to use french seams on this blouse. I figured it out myself but bet loads of people had the same head scratching moments that I did. I much prefer the insides with french seams when using a delicate cotton lawn like this.

I also sneakily sewed down my facings, behind one of the pleat flaps. This way my seams (trapped between my facings and outer fabric) definitely won’t fray which is something I was worried about.

Christine is such a sweetheart, explaining everything carefully and clearly, and I really liked that she always looked well put together and was so softly spoken.

The paper pattern wasn’t too fiddly to print and stick, though I did still end up tracing it out afterwards as I had so many amendments to make after my muslin.

I’d definitely recommend the class and it’s inspired me to see what other classes Craftsy has that I could take.

Giveaway winner announcement!

Now what you’re probably all waiting for.

Congratulations Darlene!

winner winner chicken dinner

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  1. Wow – that looks fantastic. Like you say it’s a really unique style.
    Whilst I have an overlocker, I do tend to stick with french seams mostly these days as I just think it gives a nicer finish. I’ve also discovered finishing the edges of my facing with bias binding which I think gives a lovely neat finish too.

  2. “Who can turn the world on with a smile?….Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?….Well, it’s you girl and you know it!” Especially in your Sassy Librarian blouse, love it! I have this pattern and course as well, but have not begun the class yet. I was thinking to make the version with little sleeves and a collar, but I love this version, as well. Thanks for the tips you’ve offered, and I see in the pics, the back neckline gapes a tad, didn’t realize that would be because it was too high! Good to know for when I cut mine. Are you going to make the other version as well?

    1. Been mentally humming this all morning. Still at it now! πŸ™‚ you’ll love this class. So much mixing and matching possible with the top. Can’t wait to see your version!

  3. Pure lols, and so cute! I’ve been oohing over your sneaky pics over on instagram and it looks even better in a themed photoshoot! Makes me want to watch Pat and Mike again πŸ™‚

  4. Super cute! Who would have thought someone could take some pretty cute golfer fabric and turn it in to such a great piece of clothing. There was a time I would have just relegated the cute cotton prints to a quilt but seeing the great garments people make with super cool prints challenges me to start using them as well! ~Laurie

  5. Your blouse is gorgeous! I love the pleats, they look so neat. I bought this class to, and agree with what you’ve said about it. Christine is lovely, and explains everything really well. Sadly I had problems fitting the back of mine. I had to do a ginormous sway back adjustment, and I just couldn’t get the lovely darts at the back to work with it. Maybe I’ll revisit it some day.

  6. Lovely to see your golfers in action you do look very Sassy – I too used a Liberty for my version. I used the overlocker for my seams as I set my sleeves in flat and then adjust to fit I put a clear press snap at the neck which keeps the neckline prim.Liberty fabrics wash so well I think they even get better with age..

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